Ever since my childhood, I have been an avid reader. I loved reading fantasy novels and making fictional friends among books. Soon even before I realized, I was writing poems and short stories myself. Writing became my passion and also my chosen career field.


However, life is never a piece of cake. Seeing a dream and turning it to reality is a tumultuous journey. There are lots of unexpected events that you never prepared for. But these ups and downs also are important like the famous quote of Ratan Tata “Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an E.C.G. means we are not alive.”  A lot of times you feel like, I have had enough maybe it’s just not in my fate. These are the tests of time, pass them and the success shall sooner or later knock your doors.



I too have a similar story. I have jumped from one field to another that have no connects at all. From choosing the stream of non-medical in high school to aiming for English honors and ending up with philosophy honors in college. Preparing for CAT and GMAT exams and then applying for MFA in Creative Writing courses in foreign institutes I have my fair share of unfulfilled dreams.

However even after all these heartbreaks, I was determined to make my career as a writer. And it was all by chance that I secured a position of copywriter-intern at Crayons Advertising Pvt. Ltd, Okhla, New Delhi. My six months of internship at Crayons opened me to a whole new world of advertising. That was my first taste of success after repeated downfalls.


Interning as a copywriter gave a whole new direction to my writing style. From creative writing I broadened my field to advertising writing. Both these forms are completely different from one another. As a copywriter I was writing for the audience and no longer just for myself. Copywriting taught me to think from the viewpoint of your audience, generating breathtaking new ideas, delivering under pressure and working on multiple ideas at the same time. I learned how important discipline and constant innovation is for a writer. This incident taught me a lesson for life, persistance and determination to perfom even after repeated failures are the key to success.