Shri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication(SACAC), New Delhi is not just another college catering to the needs of passionate creative individuals looking for a professional course. But it’s a journey that most of the Sacac students undergo during their time here. Sacac not just fosters the creative and intellectual development of its students but also encourages the mentors to stimulate industry like scenarios in classrooms. It provides a lively and harmonious environment for the growth of its students. The one month that I have been here I have experienced myself grow as an individual.

Also, the faculty here are mostly the current industry professionals that have years of experience behind them. Sacac is not like any other institute one usually comes across, this place is like a league of its own. And this difference is evident from day one, where most of the colleges begin with academic classes straight away Sacac conducts Insight workshops. These 3-day workshops are a unique experience, they are all about self-introspection and connecting with the soul within. All this may sound quite spiritual to an outsider but to us here at Sacac it’s all a part of our holistic development as an individual.

Another striking feature of this institute that I couldn’t help but notice was the hexagonal architectural style of the building. Every room in the campus has six walls, the reason is, however, a mystery to me. Sacac aims at equipping its students not just with academic knowledge but also with skills that will help them tackle tricky situations in life outside of college. Weekly and monthly guest lectures on topics both academic and non-academic, workshops and other interactive activities are all the extension of the Insights program. They provided us with tools to tap into the untapped reserves of our creative potential. Sessions like these are very interactive and much looked forward to by the students.

Joining Sacac helped me find a clear direction and much more focused goal in life. In my previous post, I have already talked about my love for writing and how I want to build a career in this field. Writing as a field though is not just about writing a novel, short stories, poetries etc. There are many other professions to follow in the field and one of them being that of a copywriter.

All I can say in the end is that my journey at SACAC has just begun and there is so much more to explore and look forward too.

There shall be many more articles as I progress on this journey, have new experiences while honing my skills and making lifelong memories. So, stay tuned friends as there much more to come on this wonderful journey of Life @ Sacac.