Savlon’s Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks 

Health hygiene is the topic of  major concern in many areas of rural India. Especially hand hygiene among the children as washing hands means a quick water wash under a tap without soap. It is not the lack of awareness but merely a behavior. To tackle this issue of lack of use of soap Savlon came up with an innovative solution.There are still many schools in rural India  where children still make use of grey slates and chalk. And most of them use their hands to clean the chalk of slate rendering their hands full of chalk powder.

What salvon did was a simple innovation and turned the problem itself into a solution. They infused the Savlon healthy hand chalk sticks with cleansers like soap. These unique chalk sticks worked like normal chalk sticks but when the chalk powder on hands came in contact with water while washing it simply turned into soap and generated foam.

You can watch the entire campaign video below:-