The largest democracy in the world, the second most populated country in the world with almost 1.34 billion people. And also the largest youth population in the world.

One can so much as only imagine the numerous dreams that these young Indian minds dream of taking in their respective futures. What if you map the dreams of this largest youth population in the world? Think of the innumerous fields ranging from musician, cricketer, engineering, social workers,  journalists, astronauts, politicians, F1 racer, footballer and many others that would show up on the graph. It would seem like as if India is a cauldron bubbling with the innumerous career options.


But one comes face to face with a whole different story altogether if they follow news channels or read newspapers on a daily basis. Thousands of these dreams suffocate to death every year. Either from a noose attached to the ceiling fan or the society cutting off their wings and telling them to board a flight to one of the predestined stations. They are forbidden from walking the unbeaten path and exploring the unknown wonders of the world.

We call ourselves a progressive nation, our people boast of being modern, we copy the western culture in hopes of looking cool. But then why do we deny the brilliant young minds of the country the freedom they rightfully deserve. The freedom to chose their careers.

It’s high time that we realize the worth of the dreams of these younglings. Just have a look around yourself and tell me how many engineers, how many doctors or for even a matter of fact how many chartered accountant you find. I am sure there would be many. Ask any one of them, was it their childhood dream? I am sure you would get like 1 out 10 as a yes. Doesn’t it make you wonder what about the rest nine, what did they want to be in life, what are they doing here? Now ask the same person are they enjoying the job? If not, then would they switch it with something that pays way lesser but was always their dream?


I am sure if not all then 6 out the 9 people would say yes. Do you see what we are doing here? We are destroying innumerous futures by pushing a person in a field they are not interested in. Give your children the freedom to follow their passions, to fall and rise of their own. Don’t give them a pre-decided destination to look forward too. Let them explore the wilderness and find their Eden.

Lets these beautiful violets bloom don’t force them to wilt away under the burden of your vision of the perfect future for them.

It’s your choice which one of the two would you want your child to be? 

I wouldn’t deny the fact that the scenario has changed somewhat in the last few years. But how many people have actually challenged the system and followed their own paths, how many of them walked alone and how many managed to gain the support of their families? Only a small handful of them.

What we need is the tide of change to swept over not small ripples of rebellion. Give yourself a minute and think are your children truly blooming or are they wilting away too…