Like most of the students of art I too have this great vision of changing the society, contributing my bit for the social causes. And thus when my digital marketing faculty here at Shri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication asked us to start a blog ‘A Thought Different’ was born. The theme I had was quite close to my thoughts i.e. ‘Because in each one of us exists a rebel.’

It’s been long since I posted anything on this but I always told myself I didn’t have topic’s good enough to write on. But the truth is I didn’t try hard enough. Í just gave myself an excuse trying hard not to blame it on my own tardiness.

I have had quite a turbulent journey so far no doubt. But maybe I could still have found some time for this had I not tried to get my way out with false excuses. There were so many things that I wanted to do in life, that running behind each one of them, I could accomplish nothing. I was never focused on anything, I just saw something, and I wanted it. I got it and then I used to lose interest. Like there was nothing more for me in it anymore. I felt so lost, I could never put my heart into anything. Like there was nothing that I could devote my heart too.

But that’s the lie I had been telling myself all these years before I came to SACAC.  There was something that I had already given my heart to something that had become the very part of me. It was there with me all this time and I failed to notice it. And that was storytelling – yes storytelling. There is nothing that I love more than I love to write.

Before coming at Sacac I knew that I wanted to be a copywriter, I had even interned at an agency. And I really enjoyed the work I did over there. But there were many things that I had yet to understand about the industry and that is where SACAC came in. Sacac was a place where I thought I could hone my skills as a copywriter and gain insight about the advertising industry. But to the contrary, I not just learned these things, somehow during this one year here, I found a purpose to my life. I was no longer lost, I finally found a place where I felt like I belonged.

Sacac is the place that has helped me lay the foundations of my career, how it shall turn out only time can tell. But there is something that I know for sure. In a few days, I won’t just be starting with my career but it would be something I love to do. And I have Sacac and my mentors here to thank for finally finding a place I belong. For the first time in my life, I don’t fear what if I lose interest in this after some time, because I know I can never. Because If I run from this, there is nowhere else for me to go to. I could never be anything but a writer. For that’s what I am at my heat, have always been one.