We proud ourselves in calling us a progressive nation. We fight for gender equality, for equal pay and for many other stereotypes that our country has held for women since generations. But still, there is this one thing that we can hear in almost every household from that of a billionaire to that of a farmer- ‘You are a girl, behave like one.’

What exactly does that mean? I have been searching for an answer to this question ever since my teenage years and I am yet to find one. Tell me, does knowing how to cook food, how to apply makeup or dressing up in pretty sarees, suits, hot-pants, and long skirts are all that makes me a girl?

What if I don’t like doing any of this? What if I can cook enough to survive isn’t that enough, why do I always have to worry of, what my future husband’s family will think of me if I don’t know how to cook fancy food? Why do I have always look back on my shoulder and worry am I not good looking enough. If I don’t apply makeup, would it make me any less of a girl? If I go to my office without a lipstick? Why should I give a damn hell about what others think of me for something that makes me uncomfortable?

And the irony is I don’t dress in stylish clothes I am not behaving like a girl, I dress that way and I have to be cautious of every male that passes by me on the road. The fear of him being a rapist lurking at the back of my mind. The snapchat’s CEO said something about our country being poor we go on a rampage and delete his app from our phone, but what about the times when the people call our country the land of rapists.

Let’s be straight not all people are same. Some of us suffocate under the norms and rules of the society. Some of us are different, we want to create our own paths. We are not delinquents just different. All we ask for is a little space to breathe. A little space to be ourselves and enjoy our own individuality. It’s not that we get pleasure out of being different, it’s just the way we are. Each one of us has our own personality, and at times it may be a complete contrast from one another. The only choice is to walk away from that person but what if you can’t walk away. You try to change the person, or you try to change yourself. Either way, you won’t succeed because a person can’t change who he is at his heart, he can’t change the very nature of his being. One of the person, has to kill his desires and his personality if they can’t walk away. It’s a price you have to pay, or you just simply walk away. Hoping the time shall mend the wound of the heart.