Does your day start when the world is submitting itself to the warmth of their duvet? Does pulling an all-nighter before an exam day an easy job for you? Then you relate to all these things right away… Read on to find which ones your most favorite.


It’s perfectly legitimate to make a sandwich at 2am.



Watching a quick half an hour of TV actually means starting a binge that will take you through most of the series. anigif_enhanced-22080-1409253235-23


You suddenly find yourself making friends in other time zones to have some to talk to late at night.



Aren’t these the golden hours for all artists?!7b9975fd132485cceb98502fc6a6f5a7


You sit delving deep in your thoughts…all those unanswered questions swirl in your head and you don’t understand how the night passed away!



You’re one of those few people who gets to see the sunrise first thing in the morning.



There’s always “one more scroll” on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. Or anything, really.



But fundamentally, night is when everything interesting happens.