Happiness is an emotion that is lost in the context of today’s fast-paced life. Most of us if not all look for it in all the wrong places. Sometimes I feel like the feeling of happiness is nothing but an eternal paradox. I hear people all around me saying that this was the happiest moment in my life. But the irony of the thought is, is it really the happiest moment in your life. Just consider, that you are a 19-year-old guy and it’s your birthday today. Your dad gifts you a brand new car and let’s assume that it’s the brand new BMW. Now tell me for you in that very moment isn’t that the happiest moment in your life. Right as hell it is. Alright, now let’s move a few years ahead, say about 10 years, you would be what 29 years old right, now imagine yourself in a hospital and your wife just about to give birth your child. When you hold that little bundle of joy in your hands isn’t that the happiest moment in your life.

Well so, now comes the question which one of these two is the happiest moment in your life? In my opinion both of them. I mean for that particular stage in your life that was the happiest you had ever been. And how are you to possibly know that sometimes, someday in future another event would surpass this memory to become the happiest day in your life?

But the question that really haunts me is, ‘What is happiness? If one were to describe it, how would they do it? Could it be an expression of the emotion you feel in the wake of optimism or could it be the bliss of ignorance or could be both or just neither of them? Could it be just a fabrication of our mind or could it be just the play of language? Like a simple word coined to explain an emotion that one can never really describe. Our mythical tales speak of the afterworlds, one full of happiness, joy, beauty, love and the other a place of eternal torment, hatred, punishment, pain. And each of us has their own theory of what these afterworlds look like. Every day we strive hard to achieve happiness, eternal bliss but in doing so we lose out on the present, the moment right in front of us. To me, the answer to it is lost in the depths of the unknown. Since the time’s unknown great sages and saints have walked these lands and have spoken of a great many things. Each had their own version of reality. A lot of their preaching’s lost on to our feeble minds. Thinking in the literal terms we tried to decipher the unknown. Even life, in a word it’s so simple but its meaning far more complex than what a google search could ever tell you. The mysteries of it far beyond the brightest of minds. But then again wouldn’t the word Life lose its charm if it weren’t but the series of unknown.