Hi, I am Swati Mittal.

I am an avid reader and writer. A Thought Different is a place where I love to question things and norms that seem odd and unreasonable to me.

But if you are more into poetry and fiction well check out my other blog Poetic Expedition – Its poetry a poetry blog and all works original, so please no stealing.

I try to look at things different, from a perspective that most people don’t. I am like, hey everyone’s walking right, what’s the fun in that let’s walk left. But its unexplored territory you never know what you might find there. Hell yeah man, that’s exactly what I want, unexplored things.

Things just waiting out there for me to come and find them, I love adventure, and the adrenaline rush that it gives, man I am hooked to it. But unfortunately, for now, I am stuck in my boring little hometown.

My escape my thoughts, my stories, my poetry and my favorite questioning the age-old customs. Well not all for sure, but yeah the ones that make no sense to me. So here is the point, either you make a valid argument in their favor and get me on your side, or just stay the hell away.

Just why I say – A Though Different – Because In Each of Us Exists A Rebel.