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Because in each one of us exits a rebel



A Girl’s Dilemma

We proud ourselves in calling us a progressive nation. We fight for gender equality, for equal pay and for many other stereotypes that our country has held for women since generations. But still, there is this one thing that we can... Continue Reading →

Wilting Violets

The largest democracy in the world, the second most populated country in the world with almost 1.34 billion people. And also the largest youth population in the world. One can so much as only imagine the numerous dreams that these... Continue Reading →

Turning the Problem into Solution

  Savlon's Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks  Health hygiene is the topic of  major concern in many areas of rural India. Especially hand hygiene among the children as washing hands means a quick water wash under a tap without soap. It is not... Continue Reading →

Life @ SACAC- The journey so far.

Shri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication(SACAC), New Delhi is not just another college catering to the needs of passionate creative individuals looking for a professional course. But it's a journey that most of the Sacac students undergo during their... Continue Reading →

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